Monday, July 1, 2013

Chicks and Roses

I finally put these 4 week old chicks in the Big House or the adult coop. These were late hatch of chickens and guinea chicks that were left behind or abandoned by their new moms. I call them orphan chicks. Since I have the time, space and set up to raise them, I go ahead and raise them in the house. Since they are 5 total, they will form a gang and look out for each other in the adults coop.They are in a bigger cage inside my adult coop. They will stay in that until they are about half the size of an adult. Their 3 month old older siblings (30) are now free range with the adult poultry (56). I bought 30 chicks to replace the ones the foxes got last summer. However, this summer has been less foxy. So I have some over abundance this summer. I will cull the roosters (dinner)and keep the hens. It is going to be a busy fall. We give the eggs to our church since we simply do not eat that many. And selling eggs is more work than I have time for on the farm.

These are the only red roses on my farm as the rest are pinks and yellows. These climb all summer and bloom all summer. I keep them since they are a good filler when nothing else is blooming. And it is a sturdy rose even under the snow and ice. It is always nice to come home and see these red roses waiting by the front of the walkway.

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