Monday, July 1, 2013

Tree Down

 This past week we had a night storm and I drove up my drive to have my path blocked by one of our trees. It was a nice shade tree for the driveway and will be missed. So this weekend we worked on clearing the driveway and chopping up the tree. We saved the big logs for firewood and used a loaner chipper for the smaller branches. It was hard work but we got it mostly cleaned up before the next storm came.
This was a nice shade tree and it will be missed. 
We will put in a blue spruce in its place this fall.

Husband clearing the branches

Chipper lessons on the PTO

Good news is that no animals were harmed under/in the tree.No birds and no squirrels in this tree.
But a ton of ticks, ants and beetles. I saved 2 tree truck slabs for counting the age of this tree.

Our tree was in full leaf and full of sap. It weighed a ton and then some. The root ball could barely be moved by our tractor even after the limbs were removed. 

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