Friday, November 22, 2013

Apples Down the Lane

 Or rather, hedge apples down the lane.
Here is 1/4 mile worth of Osage oranges or hedge apples cut in half and planted along our fence line.

All bright green and set in the dirt for a winters nap. In 3 years it will be tall enough to weave into a hedge row or natural barbwire. In 10 years it should produce these green apples. However, by keeping it short and stunted, it should not produce many apples.

Farm husband planting over 1,000 of these along our fence line.

Can you tell this was engineered?

More perfection

One worn out farmer. The osage orange bleeds a sticky sap that turns your gloves black and sticks to everything. But the sap is water soluble and easy to clean unlike pine sap.


  1. Found your blog while cruising the net... I was just curious as to how your osage orange fence is coming along. Are there any updates here on your blog for it yet?

    1. Our fence never had a chance to germinate. The truckload of oranges fed the wildlife all winter long. Not a single seed got set. I had no idea that deer and squirrels eat these like candy.