Friday, November 22, 2013

Chicken Ranching

Here is Limpy a Cuckoo Maran hen I saved abandoned by her mother and almost eaten. I thought she was a he until the other roosters proved me wrong. And Limpy does not crow as her litter mates do. But she does not lay eggs yet, either. Limpy was not able to walk for 3 months of her life. Now you can't stop her and her long legs.

Americana rooster with lovely plumage. He survived the cull since he has a sweet 
disposition and is very pretty.

Our Egyptian Fayoumis hen. Very flighty fast bird but has survived the loss of her rooster mate.

Little King a Japanese Bantam rooster, Americana hen in the middle and Little Kings son on the right. The son is a full size rooster. Little King's son is being given away as he is not the nicest rooster to the hens. But he is a very pretty and showy bird.

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