Friday, November 8, 2013

Egg Me No Longer

This is a photo of one of my many roosters. Egg production on my farm has nose dived over the last month. I thought it was molt, daylight or too many roosters. So I caged up the roosters, the molts are done and the chickens are in the sun. Still low egg count prevails. I improved the coop beds with straw and shavings and provided copious amounts of chow for the poultry, but the eggs are few and far between. It is not an egg thief as the wooden eggs are still in place. My girls are just not laying. I have old and  young hens of all shapes and sizes. They have clean water and all the oyster shell they want. I am at a loss for why all my hens are taking the fall off on their egg production. But on the bright side they have earned a rest. I have a broody duck with several eggs under her. And I had a hen hatch a single chick that she brooded on for over a month. Perhaps my hens are telling me to take a break and enjoy the fall into winter.

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