Sunday, November 10, 2013

Culling Time

The chicks have all grown up and they are all roosters. I have roosters I raised, other peoples unwanted roosters and ordered "hens" that grew up into roosters. It is time to choose who lives a long life and who is dinner. First to go are the bad tempered ones, then the defective ones, ones that are too many of the same line.  I am only culling 5-6 and keeping 7! I have 2 that will be given away to a rooster collector.The rest of the lot include an Easter Egger, Cuckoo Maran, Bantams, Phoenix and my home grown breed. This leaves me with a great blend for next spring. Now I just need some new hens again. I usually hatch in August to have young hens for the fall. But I was too busy to do a hatch for me this year. After 4 hatches for other people; I was burnt out. My ducks are very fertile and have had no problem keeping their ranks full. But the ducks are pets and are not eaten.
Raising poultry has been rewarding in providing meat and eggs for us.

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