Friday, November 15, 2013

Osage Can you See..?

This is an Osage Orange tree or hedge apple tree.  It makes softball sized 2 pound green oranges you can't eat.We collected a truck load to plant as a natural hedge/fence. The tree is hedge size in 3 years and its thorny branches, create a natural barbwire fence. You do not want to stand under one of these trees. The green fruit can knock you out.

This is half way full truck load we collected to bring home. Some people put them in their house to keep spiders away. They do smell nice and have a great green color. But they have a sticky sap that oozes out of the fruit if cut or bruised.

Osage tree bark is very hard and inter woven looking. Very straight tree who's leaves turn yellow in the fall. The seeds we plant will not produce fruit for another 10 years. You must have a male and female tree to make viable seeds.Cows, deer and squirrels do enjoy eating these green fruits.

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