Friday, November 15, 2013

She Rings True

I was able to get the name of a local piano tuner to come and tune my over 100 year old upright piano.
He came and worked on my piano for 4 hours. 

One string broke and had to be refitted again. 

By ear he was able to adjust the pins to get my piano back in tune. He removed parts of the piano to get to the strings. A bit dusty but this old piano was stored well and has aged beautifully.

We used our electric tuner as a visual aid for us to see what notes he was tuning to. He was dead on for all the notes. My old upright makes bright and loud notes again, no longer flat. Before he left he signed the low key hammer and dated it. So the next tuner will have the info. Unfortunately, our tuner's children had no interest in learning the tuning craft. It is a dying art just like playing music. At least here in the Missouri Ozarks, they still have music jam sessions.


  1. I'm so impressed with the condition of the keys. My grandmother had a Steinway & after her death, my uncle moved it outdoors... it still wrenches my heart to think of that loss. I would LOVE to see a photo of the outside.

  2. Awesome piano. I, too, would love to see a picture of the outside.

  3. Was the tuner excited to be able to work on such a masterpiece? I can imagine it was a once in a life experience.

    1. He was very impressed with the piano. It was older than he was. He stayed 4 hours getting it tuned right. And he signed the last hammer.