Saturday, December 7, 2013


I hate CFL bulbs and this is why. Ten year lifespan? Nope, try 8-11 months tops. They burn up and stop working worse than any other bulb I have ever used. I pay more for this bulb and it performs poorly. And fire hazard? Maybe. I caught this one dimming poorly then going out. And this is what I found, an almost melted ballast. And we are being told these are good for the environment. Right, nothing like have mercury in my house. I have to bring them into the recycling center and I get strange looks. No one knows what to do with them there. Good Luck environment. Finding regular Thomas Edison bulbs are more difficult thanks to our government. Being a farmer I rely on regular bulbs for heat and light for baby livestock needs. CFL's do not make heat and are not safe around animals.  Am I saving electricity? Maybe. They just do not last long enough for me to find out. And they are so ugly looking, too.


  1. I hate those things too! Take forever to get light. Hubby bought some, I refuse. Now I hear on FB from FOX News that on Jan. 1st they will no longer manufacture incandescent bulbs! NOOOOOO Crap, I guess Lowes and Home Depot are supposed to have a 6 month supply. I wish LEDs would come down in price!! ((sigh))

    1. Ace Hardware carry the old kind of bulbs we use on the farm at a good cost.Happy Hunting and stocking up.