Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mixed Bag of Chickens

This is my crooked tailed Hamburg rooster. He is tiny and quiet, but neat to look at. He has no hens to watch as he is too young.

This is one of three Buff Bantam hens I got to be broody mom hens for this year. These girls are tiny and can fit in your pocket.One is broody and is setting on her first clutch of 4 eggs. I added Bantams to my flock to be my chick incubators. I have seen their devotion as mothers in the past. The only downside is snakes will kill them more easily than the larger hens. And that is why I am adding new ones to my flock.

Three white mix chicks and one Specked Sussex bantam hen. All enjoying the setting sun.

One of two Yokohama roosters I was given this year. I like their long tail feathers and their strong leadership over their hens. This one has 20 hens to watch.

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