Thursday, July 30, 2015

And then there was only one

 Last month I put my pet rabbits outside in their exercise yard. But we came home to find one of our dogs in their yard and the bunnies wet and alive and unharmed. My dog had jumped over and through the wire yard. I think the thunderstorm made my shepherd want to herd the rabbits back to the house.We brought the rabbits inside to dry off and cool off. Then Larry suddenly died and the other two were going stiff. So I grabbed a heating pad and separated them. But an hour later Moe squeaked and had a heart attack. Curly was still doing ok. It was night time and a Vet was not an option. They died of shock and I did not recognize it. Rabbits being prey animals go into shock when stressed or chased. This will kill them as their bodies shut down. The heating pad and small carrier saved Curly's life. He calmed down and warmed up slowly. Curly made it after a tentative week. He is eating and looking for his litter mates. My dogs and  rabbits have always known and been around each other. This could have been avoided if I had put the rabbits back inside the house before leaving. This was a hard lesson to learn.

Good bye Larry

Good Bye Moe

Alone now Curly

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