Thursday, July 30, 2015

Violent June Month

This is my mare, Luna after she got caught in some lose barbed wire fence. Some poachers had crossed our property and had pulled down the wire and it got loose and left it down. Luna got torn open. 

These were deep but not life threatening. We called our vet and she came 2 hours later to stitch up my mare. I kept the wounds cleaned and wet to keep the flesh viable. My vet put in 21 stitches and by the end of July the wounds are healed and only 1 small piece of proud flesh remains.

After the $500 vet call, my husband went out into the woods to fix the fence. He got poison ivy from head to toe and had to go to the doctor for medication. He had a reaction to that and is now doing fine and keeping out of the woods until the fall.

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