Friday, November 13, 2015

Death and Chokes

This is part of my harvest of Sunchokes. There are so many, I have left them out under the dirt for later winter treat.

My Melon taking a cat nap.

Last week a friend of mine died in a head on crash.  In the other car two people inside also died with her. Everyone died and I got that horrible call from my friends adult daughter, the police are here and my mother is dead, please come. We did and helped make plans. We went to the salvage yard to retrieve her mothers personal items saw what was left of her car, called the church and funeral home and got her mother buried. Now we are there as my friends daughter goes through the grief. It takes its toll but I did find out many people here are helping. We have a great small town and everyone is helping. So different from the city life I left behind. The last photo is the night after the wake. We were invited to a hayride under the stars in the cold in the woods. We sang songs and had a huge bonfire and tasty vegetarian foods made by several guest. It was a nice break from the grief. If you ever get an invitation to a hayride, go. It is a lot of fun.

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