Friday, November 13, 2015

Duck dinner

Here is one of two male ducks I raised Cayuga and Khaki Campbell mix. I have way too many drakes this year and happily gave away two. They dressed out nicely and I am waiting to hear about their flavor from my friends. I was also given five roosters which three I culled and two I watched. I finally saved one of the five for my flock. The rest are in my freezer. This November I brought two egg eater hens to auction and three more Easter Egger roosters. Just can't see feeding them all winter and have them fighting. Since my freezer was full, to the auction they go. I am learning it is wise to sell off  or cull the flock before winter. Saves money on feed all winter and new start in the spring. But I have bred some great poultry and hate for that to go to waste. So I save the best overwinter and hope for spring chicks to hatch in the new year.

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