Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cleaning up in Spring

wild peach trees

We have guest coming to stay and that means cleaning up the guest room. We keep our guest room closed and used for storage. So the kimonos, Christmas decorations, cooler, extra blankets and many books all get moved out.

my 2 year old pear tree

I pack it all in plastic boxes and haul up to the garage. It is nice having the guest room all cleared again. We have a dresser and king sized bed and end tables with a bookcase headboard. We keep the cats out as some guest do not like cat hair on everything. We also have pet rabbits upstairs. We were told that they are very noisy and active at night. So we will move them to the basement.

more wild peach trees

This year after a few hints from other guests I added a 2 tier luggage rack in the room. Apparently these are a must for a guest room. I would not know, but we have one now. Along with travel soaps, robes and pillows there is now a deluxe luggage rack. I guess my company is old enough to appreciate not having luggage on their bed or on the floor. I spend too much time outside to worry about these things. But other travelers like to have these even out in the rural woods. We do not have TV nor anything like a mall but there is a ton to do out on the farm. This is a busy time for me and my gardens. It is nice to see new faces and have company for a while, though.

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