Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mid Life Hair Crisis

After years of short hair and super long hair I now have medium hair. On the farm this is easy to care for. But I am bored with my natural color. So I am toying with going blues and purples permanent colors. Why? Just because I can. I work from home and on the farm. I can look like whatever I want. I have always wanted lots of colors in my hair but could not afford it or I was in an office environment. We never were blessed with children so I do not have to worry about embarrassing my child. My farm animals could care less what I look like as long as I feed them. I read that women in midlife crisis going on diets, try an affair, adopt children, leave their husbands and engage in risky behaviors. I just want to change my hair color to something fun for me. And my husband is all for it. So this week I will dive into the deep end of the dye pool and see how it goes.

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