Thursday, November 16, 2017

November Frost

My constant companion these cooler days has been little Frosty. While we have other cats, this foster kitten has found our home to be his. Not a single call did I get for him. So after 2 months of postings and posters Frosty be ours.

As I work from home Frosty is always with me.

Under my desk, sewing table, sewing machine, bathroom and bed. He is at my side all the time. When I am away from the house he goes with the adult cats. He plays and runs with them and even naps with them.

His coat is very short and he is always seeking warmth. He is not old enough to go outside yet as the the other cats do.

Huge ears and pink nose and short silver hair.

Mmmm, good to be in a home.

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