Thursday, November 16, 2017

Queen Pumpkin

Finally the harvest of the last of the winter squashes in my living room. All are cured and ready for a long winter.

This is Puff A.K.A. Cotton Ball. She is ignoring me and trying to catch a bird or mouse. She is only outside during the day as she trees herself at night. Plus owls and coyote would love to eat her. The two boy cats are fine outside. While Puff was a farm foster kitten delivered by a person with a van full of her litter mates, she is no toughie. She is super soft, fat and round and is no farm cat. But she thinks she is and tries to be. She is spotless and super clean and stays that way even after rolling in the dust and chasing a chicken. She wants to grab a chicken badly. But our two shepherd will have none of that and chase her under the firewood pile for doing so. She does not like our dogs but tolerates them to a certain point. Then she comes inside to be adored like the queen she is.

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