Monday, October 3, 2011

Cedar Dresser Saga Part 1

We want a new dresser we can share in our bedroom. The one we have now is too small. Since we live in the Ozarks we have several furniture makers in the area. So we asked a well know Amish man to make a cedar dresser for us. Yes, he said, but he is out of cedar. He said if we have some cedar trees, cut them down, take them to a mill and have the boards cut from the trees. He will dry the wet wood them make us a dresser. So our neighbor said we could have 3 large cedar trees from his property in exchange for some threaded rods. Today we went an cut down the first cedar tree. Since the tractor only holds the driver, I rode my horse to the cutting spot. When cutting trees you should always bring an extra person. We tied Dolly, the mare, up to the tractor as we cut down the tree. The tree was at least 30 feet high and 40 inches in diameter. Alan cleared the limbs and decided to chain dragged the tree to a safe location for our truck. We still have to cut down 2 more trees and move the limbs out of the pasture area. It was getting dark by the time he returned with the tractor to pick up the tools and supplies. I followed the tractor home on Dolly who was happy to be headed home again. We got home, unsaddled Dolly, put up the tractor, fed the chickens and the dogs, put out the barn cat then made dinner. Who knew making furniture would take so much hard work!

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