Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Firewall Continues

Last week our contractor, Jeff, came in on his Saturday to work on our wall. He is working full time on another job and we are in between that one. We discovered the 7 boxes of cultured stone we purchased do not cover our 80 square foot wall as promised by the Owens Corning cultured stone distributor we bought from. So we have to order another 4-5 boxes of "Summer" stone to finish our wall. Very frustrating as a consumer who lives in the Ozarks. The product is not accurately represented on their website. Not in how the stone is put up nor the correct sized stones supplied in the boxes. So to fill in all the small holes from stones not provided, we are using local rocks on our property. They have to be picked up and cleaned before Jeff can use them. This takes time which is in short supply for us this time of the year. But the addition of our local small stones gives the wall a more natural look. Our wall is becoming a work of art created by Jeff.

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