Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hen Pen

The other day I caught my dog carrying one of my hens. The hen was alive and clucking. I am not sure the motivation for this hen carrying,but I beat my dog with that hen. Then I looked over the hen, she had torn flesh on her wings and body. I cleaned the wounds and sprayed her with Vetricyn and put her in a cage over my freezer. She was left alone in peace with a full bottle of hen water/vitamins. The next day she was alert and hungry. I gave her watermelon which she ate. She started to move about the cage and get strong again. So I took her outside with her flock. She was chased and pecked as she limped about the chicken yard. So I put her with the young chicks in the nursery coop. She did not get hassled and was happy. Today that hen is back with her free range flock and starting to heal. Chickens are tough.

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