Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Chicken Farm

Alan, my husband, found these brackets at an antique store nearby. These are not antique but are made out of iron and look neat. He had an idea where to put them, on our mailbox.

My husband installing our chicken brackets.

Matched pair of roosters.

Close up of the iron rooster.

Here is a quick shot of my tiny Bantam rooster, Little King. He is the size of a softball 
and runs around all over the farm. Hard to get a good photo of him. He is the product of a Bantam hen and the Effie line of roosters we raise. Effie is the name of my friend who gave me my first rooster.

Here is King's grandfather Effie Senior our first rooster from two summers ago. He lost a battle with a visiting white rooster last year. But his genes carry to his son, Effie Junior and now to Little King. We raise kind roosters with beautiful plumage and farm smarts. We only keep the ones who are nice to the hens and us. Our farm is a happy farm.

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