Monday, January 21, 2013

Stones in Life

Last Sunday we went to the local nursing home to visit our former neighbors who are in their late eighty's.  I knew upon entering his room the husband was not going to be living much longer. He was aware but not eating nor drinking. He was having breathing difficulties, but not on any machines, thankfully. I can't stand to see any living thing suffer much less a friend. The husband was choosing to stop eating on his own. His wife at his side kissed him and talked to him. We sat around his hospital bed and visited. We talked about travels we have had, farm adventures and current events. I was tearing up and needing  lots of tissues; but still participating in the visit. I realized this would be our last visit. After a few hours we said our goodbyes and the husband did respond and waved. He knew we had been there. However, the next day he was taken to the ER then he died on his own the following day. 
Life has given me some stones in this new year. I could build a wall around me with these stones. But, instead, I move the stones into a pile on the side of the road. So I don't stumble upon them again. I know they are there and I remember each one. But I clear the road ahead of me. I keep it clear for others I come upon and meet in this life. I am looking forward to to where this road takes me, stones and all.

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