Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Farrier February

Does this truck make me look fat? 
Luna, our fox trotter, waiting for the farrier. All our horses are tied to 
our farm truck waiting. Luna can get fat on air. She is never grained and still gets plump on hay.

Taking a nap.

Luna and her son, Bean. Bean is a gelding of 2+ years.

Not the best confirmation nor neck. He is still growing and may fill out.
He is about 14.5 hands, easy to get on. He will be my horse since he is a short one.

Bean waiting and Maple digging to China. Maple is a very busy brained horse, like her Mom.
She loves to have a job to do. She is trying to rewire the truck then the horse trailer. So she was moved to a tree for time out. Poor tree.

Bean just waits. He does have a nice long red mane and tail, very showy. 

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