Monday, February 18, 2013

Sowing Stones

There has been a lot of people around me that have died this year. And many have gotten close to death as well. Old, young, my age, some close and some far away, all part of my life here. Having moved so many times growing up, I never had to deal with human death. Funerals happened and then the person wasn't there. The family packed up and moved away. And I have been running away from death my whole life. But now that I have stopped moving, death has come again full blast. So instead of running from death, I look forward to the spring and life anew. Seeds mean plants and flowers this summer. I'd rather plants seeds for new life than dwell on the things that have died around me. I try to enjoy those living around me and my farm.  Knowing that one day they won't be there. Cherish the living and bury the stones under the ground.

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