Friday, February 15, 2013

Green Plans

It is winter and I am making plans for the Spring. My seeds are all in and ready for starting. I need my new/used green house moved into place, but my busy hubby can't get to it yet. Wet ground and computer work cut into farm tractor jobs. We need to enlarge our garden bed and add a new one in the horses dry lot. All that broken down horse poop and straw has turned into black gold. I need my big vegetables in there. My zucchini, other  squashes and corn all need room to grow in the bigger garden. This year I will also add a few more dahlia's to my flower collection. They bloom all season and are easy to care for. I love my roses but dahlias are far easier to grow and no thorns. My neighbors gave me a wonderful gift this week of irises and berries canes. I got the canes set and then the irises arrived. I heeled them in a compost pile until I can decide where to put them. Irises are such and wonderful flower to grow. So easy to care for and after a few years, you can split them and share with others. The photo is from last year of my farm cat Poppy in my thyme bed, rather "his" thyme bed.

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  1. I love this picture, and I LOVE irises. I've been looking at Cherokee Acres after going to the flowre and garden show last Saturday, and am going to try to tour them during their open house days this year. We're putting up a greenhouse, too, the last components came today.