Thursday, February 21, 2013

Skunk Me Week

Zilla and Osa got sprayed for the last time. Osa got this 7 pound skunk after many nightly battles. 
She died with her skunk boots on.

You know a week is going to suck when on Monday you have to move a very stinky dead skunk in the freezing weather from your back door. You have to hide it from your smelly farm dogs or it comes back as a zombie skunk. Then you find out you have a very ill parent far away from you. Then a friend dies suddenly the next evening. Then you have an ice storm and have to do chores in the slippery pelting ice. The animals are miserable and wet like you are. I just want to curl up like this frozen skunk and take a nap. But you have to cowgirl up and get things done. Animals need you, friends need you and plans have to me made. Luckily I have my husband to drag me out of bed, make me lunch and get me going again. 
When there is good coffee,  I can deal. 

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