Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No Dishy

Today was the day my new broken dishwasher was to get fixed. Kenmore Elite it ain't. I waited years to replace the old one and then months to get a repair man. Two weeks ago the repair man removed the pump from the new dishwasher. I got the call that because of the icy roads no repairs this week. I have to wait until next Monday to have the dishwasher fixed, maybe.I know this winter has been very long and very icy. I understand that is why no repairs can get done. Just frustrated a brand new dishwasher broke in the first place. The quality of appliances has truly dropped off. With the farm and eating homemade meals dishes stack up fast. Having a dishwasher saves me time and is a great luxury for my home keeping chores. If only I could get my ducks to do the dishes, well, perhaps not.

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