Friday, March 7, 2014

The Burning Smell

I came home from running errands and saw smoke in my pasture and the horses were running around tossing their heads. It was thick and coming from the south. So I jumped into my UTV and headed off to find the source. It was my neighbor burning his pastures. The pasture was dry and the wind took the flames quick. They brought tanks of water to wet down the wildfires.

I watched to make sure she was not cornered. The wind was moving the flames toward her vehicle.

Watering down the big flames

Chem trails and smoke

A close up from my UTV. It is amazing how fast the flames move in an ever widening circle. They got it under control and the smoke died down at my place. Things you need to do if you want to clear a pasture. He is planning to turn over the soil, seed and feed and let it grow tall for his cows next year.

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