Monday, March 3, 2014

Seedy Spring

This spring we decided our fields needed to be fertilized, seeded and limed. So we went to the feed store to order the proper mix for 10 acres of pasture. We brought the farm truck and learned how it is done for our farm. We over estimated our pasture size but it was greatly needed. And we timed it right before the snow came to soak it into the ground. Under the snow the grass is green and growing. This seeding will give it the push it needs to fill in and be lush again. We are keeping our equines off of it for now. They do not like that but they can watch the grass grow. 
The giant hopper/mixer

How the mix and seed is put into the hopper.

Half way there in pounds.

Our orchard grass (left) and timothy (right) seeds before being mixed into the hopper. Our pasture is mostly fescue,some orchard and Indian (greasy)grass. The timothy will be green in the heat of summer when fescue is dry and brown. That is what we need along with pasture rotation for the horses.

Now into the seeder hopper towed by our truck.

What it all looks like inside the hopper.

You can see the seeds and the rest of the ingredients.

Mu husband using the tractor to head off to the pasture.

That dust is the seed mix all flying out the back of the seeder.

Me with several layers on, walkie talkie, in the UTV. My job to be a pasture marker. It is very windy and cold for this event. I got some wind burn but it was a lot of fun. We misplaced the tractor chain and had to locate it before the snow fell. We found it later in the center of the pasture.

Inside the hopper. Looking forward to green fields and happy horses.

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