Monday, October 17, 2011

Cedar Dresser Saga Part 5

We picked up our cedar planks from the trees we cut down last week from the mill. Out of those cedar trees we got 200 board feet of usable cedar for our dresser. Our Amish craftsman only needs 60 board feet to make a dresser. We dropped off the cedar to be dried in his yard. It will take a while for the cedar to dry about two months. Next, we dropped off the oak boards from our neighbors tree. These were very nice boards but very wet and heavy. It will take a year for these boards to dry out. We put them in his greenhouse temporarily to get out of the elements.
The cedar is marked very nicely with pinks and reds and smells great. I have learned that logging, milling, and moving wood is very hard work. But it was fun doing something I never thought I'd ever do in my life. The next cedar saga stage will be in the hands of our Amish friends.

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