Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duck,Duck, Dog

I glanced out my window and saw one of my black ducks down in the dogs unfinished kennel. The fence is not complete. My shepherd was trying to bury the duck while my spitz looked on. I ran out of the house into the cold to save my duck. I yelled and hit my shepherd and retrieved the wounded duck. It was bleeding and not looking good. I had blood all over me. My husband and I looked over the duck and found a deep puncture on the right thigh. I cleaned out the wound and treated it and put the duck into the kennel with a towel and quiet. If it makes it it will be one lucky duck. This male Cayuga duck has been teaching the young ducklings how to forage on the farm. Now, I only have one adult male left to show the ducklings the ropes before winter comes.

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