Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Century Link Sucks, Again.

My neighbor on the corner lost his DSL connection in the bad weather. Century Link sent a man to repair the line and give him a new firewall modem combo. When my neighbor ask if his adjoining rental house down the road can get DSL, the worker said no. He said corporate in Monroe, Louisiana is not upgrading nor installing any boosters in Summersville, MO. Not now and not ever.
Wow, thanks for nothing Century Link. You are given federal dollars to install fiber optic Internet and DSL boosters in Missouri and you do NOTHING. BIG FAT NOTHING. It is so nice to be treated so poorly by a corporate monopoly. And the cherry on top? I got a call from Century Link asking when I would like to have high speed Internet upgrade. Wow, how nice and upgrade for nothing I have now still equals big zero. And that is what Century Link is to Missouri a BIG ZERO!

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