Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ditch Witch

This morning on my drive to drop of my kitten at the vets I had an adventure. A dump truck was coming down our country road so I pulled over so it could pass. I pulled too far over and got my Volvo stuck in the muddy ditch. The truck driver and another driver both stopped to help me. A tow chain was needed but no one had one. I had one at the house, so I was given a lift with my kitten in tow back home. I arrived, got the chain and we returned to my car. The other driver was kind enough to chain my car and pull it out with his truck in the rain. So in less than 15 minutes I was back on the road again to get my kitten to the vets. I am so happy to live here in the Ozarks. People are very helpful. When I got home word of my plight had already reached my husband and neighbor. I did not want to bother them since both had morning meetings and work to do. But still it was nice to be worried about. Lesson learned: carry a tow chain in the trunk or have a wrench on your car and don't pull too far over for a truck on a muddy day.

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