Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bible and Sins

I have been having a bible class at my home for a couple of months now. It started with a visit from the Jehovah's witness. They just wanted to sit and read and talk about the bible. I have enjoyed reading the Bible and talking about topics related to today. As I am a Catholic I have no plans to switch faiths, but have enjoyed studying the Bible with other women. I never made the time to do this in my youth. Now I make the time and look forward to it. One of the topics was pleasing God and breaking the rules IE: Sins. Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Pride - along with the big 10.
Sloth and Wrath were ones I thought of as different meanings. Sloth could also be Apathy, and Wrath can also be anger that continues long after the person dies. I found this interesting and looked it up in the bible. I am always amazed that the Bible is timeless.
for Apathy: And for Wrath: Just goes to show you there is a lot of good info in the Bible and what it has to tell us about God.
I wish growing up with my own faith was spent more time on the Bible and less time memorizing prayers. As an adult I meet many people of many faiths who have memorized the Bible, but do not live what they read. I see churches who have strayed so far from what was written.
But I am not without a few stones tossed at me and am far from perfect. But I have enjoyed the journey of learning and seeking knowledge from the Bible.

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