Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Value of Things

I was talking to my Dad about how the drought has affected my farm and the price of things. Hay used to be $30-$40 per round bale of hay. But now you can pay $200 + for a single bale. My dad collects cards and says one day his some of cards might be valuable. He said, "You can sell a single card and make $$ amount of dollars, that $$ means a lot of roosters tied around Osa's neck" (see Cone of Rooster post). I laughed at that since it would mean a lot more chickens around the farm. But I am happy with the amount of chickens I have now,minus the one Osa is wearing. I have enough feed for them for the time being. Even though we have had no rain in many months, the livestock is doing well.
I make sure they have food and clean water and a clean place to roost. The rest is up to them. And the value of things means the value of what I give and get in return. I can eat the chickens and their eggs. And they in return have a happy life on the farm more or less. I have to take care of the farm and the animals and they do the same for me in return. There in lies the value of things, to me.

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