Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slowing Down to Warp Speed

I got a break on the farm this week. I have time to sew for me. Or sew for stuff involving me for a change. I am sewing costumes for our annual Haunted Mill. The theme is Wild West Ghost Town. I have people wanting to be ghosts, scarecrows, zombies and even Indians from the 1900's. The good news is that the costumes can be made to look old and torn. The costumes also have to hold up to 4 days of active teenagers running in them. I am cutting and measuring and using up all the donated fabrics I have around the sewing room. It is a lot of fun. Soon I will be painting the sets we plan to install in the mill to keep people moving safely inside the old mill. Might stick to black and white for that. I can only do as much as I can in the time allowed. At least I have a large amount of volunteers involved in this project.

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