Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have been tracking Isaac and Joyce, both hurricanes in the Atlantic. When you grow up in New Orleans you always watch out for hurricanes. Now that I live in Missouri and I still watch hurricanes. I have family that still lives in Louisiana. But I am watching for the rain. We really need that rain here in Missouri. While I understand the destruction hurricanes cause, they are a way of life growing up on the coast. You learn to hunker down and wait it out and live without for a while. You learn how to cut down trees, dry out your cars and move debris. You learn how to help your neighbors and share what you have. You learn to deal with snakes, ants and rats in your house swept in by the high water. You learn how to roll up wet carpets.Then one day life almost becomes normal again and the power comes back on. It is not fun and people do die in the flooding; but it is a way of life. You accept it and understand it as the price you pay to live by the water. Hurricanes are forces of nature and while destructive, it also brings relief to areas that need the gift of water.

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