Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All The Pretty Poisons

One of the joys of raising bees is teaching people about the environment- in their backyard. So many think nothing about using RoundUp to kill weeds and then they wonder why their plants, animals and bees die. You have to read and study stuff before you use it.
I bought a fly cube for my horses. This cube has one ingredient: Tetrachlorvinphos  that kills all bugs and causes cancer. I thought I would be ok, but after reading about it I bagged it and returned it. This stuff does not break down and is harmful to myself, animals, soil and water. So now I buy minced garlic to feed my horses. It keeps the flies off my horses and ticks. These bugs do not like garlic. And it does not harm anything. Sure, it might be faster and easier to buy poison in a bottle and be done with the problem. But if the poison lingers, gets into my food and causes cancer- no I will pass. Taking the natural path is better for all. For now and for the future. And for my bees. No bees means no food and that is a horrible future for all.

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