Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bees Killers and Trouble

This is an Asian cicada killer wasp. It is pretty tame to deal with more so than other wasps and hornets. But it likes to eat bees. I have seen them about on our farm here in Missouri. The are curious and fly over by me when I am working in the garden. I have not seen them go for my bees but they can wipe a hive out in 2 hours. So my husband installed some metal gates that only allow my bees into the hives. 
My 2 hives the yellow is Hurdy and the green on is Gurdy. This was taken on the first day of bee dumping. The 3lbs of bees, plus syrup and a queen cage are seen in front of the hives. The metal gates are in the front entrances.
Bees have such a hard time as it is, this is one less thing. No wasps to be a worry.

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