Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bone Up

A year ago a trapper friend of mine gave me a pile of heads. I thought I could clean them and sell them.But life got busy so I put them in a cage on an ant bed to be cleaned. The cage was to keep other critters from eating the bones.

Then I see a local science teacher asking for carnivore skulls for her science class. Living in the Ozarks I thought she would have no problem getting these. But she did not get any, so I said I would help. 

After a week of soaks in gallons of Hydrogen Peroxide and cleaning and oh the smell I got the skulls clean enough. This one is an otter. I could have boiled them but did not have a good location as it rained a lot this spring. And I needed a pot just for the skulls only. My pots are for cooking food not cleaning skulls.

It took several weeks to get these skulls to dry. I put them in my greenhouse and it worked faster.

Matching jawbones and teeth took the longest

Jawbones and teeth. A glue gun is great for joining jaws back together.

my tools

matching coyote teeth

beaver on the left and coyote on the center

The teacher got all the carnivore skulls for her class. I asked that the students wear gloves as these were not sterilized skulls. Safety first when dealing with dead things.

My favorite skull the beaver. The teeth are deep and curved. Very heavy skull.



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